East End Happenings

East End Celebrates 45 Years in the Village of Port Jefferson, August, 2024.

Current Events

Can You Guess How Many?
The turtles are back for another Spring Thing Raffle! We will be giving away a $45 gift card to the person that guesses the exact or closest number of turtles hanging out at Rocketship Park.

Make your guess in-store with any purchase!

Raffle ends on May 31st.

Good Luck!

*Only one winner.

If there are multiple correct guesses, we will enter them into a raffle and draw one winner.

rocketship park vertical full

Past Events

Turtle Raffle

Turtle Raffle 2023


The Big Duck


40th Anniversary

VW bug lined up
40th anniversary crew in from of the VW cars
40th anniversary

35th Anniversary

35th anniversary crew
three workers at the 35th anniversary
35 ballons on a bike in front of the store